This information is used by festival directors and others relevant to the festivals in which you are participating as a creator, judge, speaker, or some other capacity.


This jury form has three parts:

  1. Nominees and Screeners
  2. Voting
  3. Judge Nominations

Your first task is to watch all of the nominees. Each nominee has a screener link with potentially a password for private links and screener notes for viewing more of the series. Pick the series that best reflects the criteria in the description for this category.

Once you've made a decision, select it in the dropdown box below the list of nominees and "Save" your vote. This vote is provisional at this point and the other judges in this category can see it. Please discuss your vote with them before finalizing your vote. Once all judges have either agreed or agreed to disagree, then it's time to finalize the vote by clicking "Finalize".

If your job is to break ties, you will come in after all judges have finalized and the system has determined a tiebreaker is needed. You vote as described above, but once you finalize your vote, that selection is the winner.

The last section is for making nominations. YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY NOMINATIONS ONCE YOUR VOTE IS FINALIZED. So make nominations prior to finalizing your vote.

To nominate a show for another category, click the "Make a Nomination" button for that category and select the show. If, for example, you are judging the Sci-Fi category and really liked the dramatic performance of one of the actors in one of the shows you watched, go down to the "Best Dramatic Performance" category towards the bottom and nominate that show. Note that for some categories (like Best Dramatic Performance) you will need to specify an individual recipient (e.g. the actor) for that nomination.



Additional Nominations

You may nominate any of the above works to compete in the categories below. For most categories, you may make multiple nominations and you may nominate the same work to multiple categories. Some categories may limit you to a single nominee. Also, some categories may require additional information like the specific name of the actor or actress you are nominating,

This information about your festival is what appears on the WSWC Web Site and may be used by partner festivals as well.

In the context of this site, directors are people who have the ability to manage all of the festival information. Directors do not have access to juror deliberations or results. Only accountants have access to that information.

Accountants are individuals who have access to the judging process. A person can be both an accountant and a director, but the point of accountants is to allow some directors remain ignorant of the award winners until they are publicly announced.

Upload your Excel rankings spreadsheet as a CSV file. This spreadsheet should have the festival IDs on the top line above the festival names. To get it as a CSV file, go into Excel and "Save As" and pick "CSV UTF-8" or "CSV" as the file format. "CSV UTF-8" is preferred.

After you import the CSV file, you will be presented with a list of all the shows in the spreadsheet and title matches for existing series. You need to approave each match (some may match multiple options) or 'Create New' to create a new show in the system. You CAN submit partial results if you're bored or if you aren't sure you've matched them all. It will save the ones you've matched and prompt you for the still unmatched ones.

These are your tasks. Do them!