View a playlist with all Season 2 episodes here: (password: shesaid)If you'd just like to watch our choice of "best episode," please watch episode 10 here: (password: shesaid)Running With Violet is a multi-season serialized dramedy about two women and a toddler who find themselves descending further and further into the world of small town crime.In Season 1 of Running With Violet struggling hairdresser and single mother Jolene tries to convince lonely housewife Miranda to go with her on a girls’ weekend with her toddler Violet. When Miranda finds herself in a violent confrontation with her slimy husband Blair, the girls’ weekend and possibility of escape suddenly seems like the very best plan. The weekend goes quickly awry when Miranda confesses about the contents in the trunk of the car, leading to a series of unexpected and increasingly dangerous encounters with small town Pictonville Mafia. When they think the dust has settled the women head to Florida for a real girls’ weekend but crime is now their loyal friend, following them wherever they go.Season 2 finds them back in Pictonville one year later desperately trying to return to the status quo, but with one exception—they are now working for Floridian Queen-pin Jorge. Having kidnapped them in Florida, Jorge released the women on the condition that they help her run her illegal beauty business out of the back of Jolene’s Pictonville salon.


WSWC History

  • 2017 #26 Sel: 6.0 / Nom: 8.0 / Awa: 2.0 = 82.0 pts
  • 2019 #58 Sel: 4.0 / Nom: 8.0 / Awa: 1.0 = 54.0 pts