A spinoff of "The Hunted", the longest running web series on the internet. After nearly 20 years in Los Angeles the vampires have come to New York City. And the only thing standing in their way is Megan and her band of slayers who are here to show the vampires just what New York is all about. Singing songs. Featuring a score of original songs from some of Musical Theatre's hottest up-and-coming composers, The Hunted: Encore is like nothing you've ever seen. Winner of over 70 awards at 50+ festivals worldwide, #27 worldwide, #4 USA in the 2018 Web Series World Cup.

WSWC History

  • 2018 #27 Sel: 5.0 / Nom: 15.0 / Awa: 2.0 = 90.0 pts
  • 2019 #69 Sel: 1.0 / Nom: 6.0 / Awa: 2.0 = 43.0 pts